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Client-Attorney Expectations

Minneapolis, MN Transportation Law Attorney, Jason Engkjer, talks about what the client can expect from their attorney during litigation.

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During the litigation process certainly you have to set the table when you’re getting into litigation, explain the potential outcomes and explain what might or might not happen. During the course of litigation you have to remember that this is something new, potentially new for the client. Lawyers deal with these types of things every day. Clients don’t. And so it’s important to keep the client advised and explain what is occurring during a particular case so that they fully understand what’s going on.

Communication is key. Open and candid conversations are key. And as the case progresses and develops, understanding that as the case develops, circumstances change. Sometimes you get a good piece of information. Sometimes you get a bad piece of information. So you need to also be able to explain to the client how information that comes out during the course of a lawsuit is going to affect how the lawsuit is litigated, how you’re going to handle the matter, why you’re gonna handle it a particular way. And certainly continue to be able to give clients options and recommendations because ultimately they’re the ones that are making a number of the decisions during the course of litigation.

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