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I became a lawyer for two reasons, I think. One, I was always naturally interested when I was a kid in right and wrong, and justice, and in fact, I wanted to be a judge when I was in junior high.

At the other reason I became a lawyer and went to law school was because our family had the stereotypical family counselor. It was a guy named Bill Woodward, and he helped out my parents and the adults in the family with wills, estates, business real estate, and they looked up to him. They admired him. They respected him. And I think I kind of wanted to be like him when I grew up.

I think it takes a couple of things to be a successful lawyer. When I was in law school, I met with a corporate attorney. He was an in-house counsel, so he was a lawyer but he also hired and fired fleets of lawyers for his big company. And I asked him, what would make me successful. And he said he thought were two things. Number one, he said there is absolutely no substitute whatsoever for fully preparing. And the second thing he said was you have to remember that when you are giving advice to people you’ve got to give practical, meaningful advice. So he told me prepare but be practical. And I think those are pretty valuable tools.

Philadelphia, PA estates & probate lawyer Matthew D. Gilbert talks about why he became a lawyer and what it takes to be successful in his field.

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