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Unclean Hospitals

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Hospitals and surgery centers make money by doing procedures. And the one thing they can’t improve upon is the number of hours in a day. There’s only going to quit be so many hours that a room can be used. So there becomes this system and rush to try and clean the rooms and turn them over, no different than a restaurant who wants to turn a table over, as fast as possible so they can get the next patient in.

When they rush and when they’re not careful a lot of times infections are allowed – or bacteria are allowed to remain in the rooms, whether it’s on new equipment coming in, whether it’s the people going from one room to another who did not adequately scrub themselves, whether patients were not clean on the way in, and as a result what we see is a growing trend of what, in that environment, are sometimes – and they are called environmental concerns. And ultimately, those can lead to a number of problems that we are seeing coming out of a wide range of surgical type facilities.

Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer Eric H. Weitz talks about the danger of infections due to unclean hospitals.

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