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Spinal Cord Injuries

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Spinal cord injuries are devastating to the victims. Very rarely, except for quick traumatic events such as a car accident, or a trucking accident, very rarely do they occur immediately.

In the medical malpractice context and many other contexts, it’s often something that evolves over time that’s giving off symptoms, and that is not followed. But when spinal cord injuries are suffered, the costs of caring for those patients for the rest of their lives is enormous. Because people often forget, it’s not just wheelchairs. It’s not just helping them with catheters or whatever, but those patients are very vulnerable and at risk. What happens if there are no – a home of their own, or an apartment building and a fire alarm goes off at night? If there is nobody there to help them how are they going to get out?

What happens when they are going down the street and they hear a horn honk and they can’t get out of the way? Spinal cord injuries are not only devastating, but they provide for a future that is very challenging, and it’s a very important that the attorney who represents that victim understands that though their future life care plans are taken care of completely so that they can not only remain healthy, but safe.

Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer Eric H. Weitz talks about the long term impact of spinal cord injuries and why it’s important to choose an attorney who understands these factors to defend you.

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