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Probably the most common type of brain injury suffered in the United States are concussions. And until the NFL and all the studies associated with traumatic encephalopathy that we now know, not just football players but hockey players and collegiate athletes, high school athletes suffer, concussions were never traditionally valued by jurors, or by those responsible for the harms.

By definition, concussions often mean a brain injury that doesn’t show up on diagnostic testing. It doesn’t show up on an MRI, or a CAT scan, or anything like that. And what we know is these injuries can have profound impacts on people not just headaches, it’s not just a little confusion, but it can be dizziness, sensitivity to outside sources for the rest of their lives, concentration, all of those issues. Concussions can often be incredibly disabling.

They are real brain injuries and they are very channeling to handle in a courtroom because of the loss surrounding the science of brain injuries doesn’t necessarily keep up as fast as the science surrounding the science of brain injuries. For those who suffer these types of injuries it is important that they find an attorney understands that and knows how to work within the system to be able to prove their injury and their harms.

Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer Eric H. Weitz talks about the difficulties of brain injury cases and why he is well suited to handling them.

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