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Medical Malpractice Injury: First Steps

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Well, the first thing people always need to do is follow their doctor’s advice, and in the context of a medical negligence claim, that seems a little counterintuitive, but even a doctor who was negligent yesterday is not necessarily negligent today, and in any case, all patients want to be in a position where they have, to the extent reasonably possible, followed their doctor’s advice. And so what other advice do I give them? Tell me everything that happened, talk to me about who you’re talking to. If you think you were treated negligently, I wanna know who that person is. I’ll first do a conflicts check to see if I’ve represented them because I’ve represented more doctors than I’ve ever sued, but then I want them to make sure they get their good medical care, and then we talk about their case and we gather their medical records and interview people who were witnesses to the event and try to get our facts together as soon as reasonably possible.

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Tilton shares what someone might do if injured in a medical setting.

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