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There is no “most common area.” The plurality of medical negligence claims is in the medication administration area; the plurality of claims that we’ve handled in the office probably have been hospital negligence cases, and I say that with the caveat that we have excellent hospitals in our state, and oftentimes, it requires more than one person to make a mistake for real damages to have occurred, but more often than going after a single doctor, there’s been a problem with an institution. We had a recovery room in a particular hospital where I think a group of people had sort of been in there with seniority and they had gotten lazy. They were clock-watching, potato chip-eating, unhappy people who were shooting up their patients with morphine and going on coffee breaks, and it resulted in a tragedy – a real tragedy – and that was one of the major cases we’ve ever handled. It wasn’t against a doctor; it was against a hospital that had let things go, and they have cleaned things up ever since.

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Tilton discusses issues that he frequently sees in medical malpractice.

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