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Medical Malpractice and Doctor Judgement Calls

Minneapolis medical malpractice attorney Shannon Carey discusses the thresholds of medical malpractice lawsuits.

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Yes, the famous judgment call not necessarily, what happens when you are looking at medical malpractices is that there’s a standard of care that needs to be followed that the providers need to follow when they’re treating whatever condition they’re treating, and on that standard of case is a spectrum. A doctor has several decisions to make on that standard of care, and just because one doctor says this is how I would’ve done it, and another doctor says this is how I would’ve done doesn’t mean that the doctor A did anything wrong. That they just chose a different plan of action on the standard of care, so if it’s a judgment call situation, there is not a medical malpractice claim that can be taken because they did act within the standard of care.

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