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Advice for Someone with a Medical Malpractice Claim

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If someone thinks they might have a negligence claim and they don’t know for sure, they should talk to a lawyer. Effectively, the lawyer ends up talking to a medical professional. If the suspicion was that a radiologist was negligent, doctor really has to consult – or excuse me, the lawyer has to talk with a radiologist. If you think a nurse ___ ____ screwed up, you have to get an evaluation of that behavior by somebody in the same field, therefore, a nurse ___ ____ in that case.

But if you suspect that you were treated improperly, talk to a lawyer. Talk to me, talk – there’s plenty of good practitioners in the field. I’m not the only good person. I think I do a bang-up job for my clients, but there are colleagues in the Bar who specialize this and who do a good job, and we’re generally available, and we consult for free. We don’t charge for our initial consultations. And generally, we don’t charge for representation. If we decide to take on a case, we decide to invest our own time and money into it on the basis of getting a contingent fee recovery.

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Tilton discusses what a prospective client should do if they think they might have a medical malpractice claim.

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