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Every case is different. Every case is new. I’m learning every time I get a new case.

I had a woman call today, it’s a sepsis issue, it has to do with whether an analysis should’ve been done during her husband’s care. He may lose his leg. A case yesterday had to do with whether the obstetrician properly appreciated whether there was a placental abruption going on. The surgical stapler case has to do with whether there are failure modes in the manufacturing process that might apply here.

So I love the intellectual stimulation and I love helping people. I’m an old man. I like to think – not just I like to think. I can pick my clients. I don’t have to take everybody like your average public defender does or your average insurance defense lawyer does. I choose my clients carefully. I like my clients. My clients sometimes become virtual family members, and so I’ve been proud to represent people that deserve it and who have had significant injuries, and they never get paid easily.

Nobody comes to the table easily when negligence has occurred. It just doesn’t happen. And so I’m proud to be able to say that I’ve surmounted difficulties on behalf of a lotta people and made their lives more comfortable.

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Tilton reflects on why he enjoys being a lawyer.

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