Labor & Employment Experience: Tell us about your experience in the area of labor and employment law

Los Angeles, CA business transactions attorney Bryan S. Doss talks about his experience representing employers and employees in labor and employment cases.

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I represent both the employer and the employee in cases. I will represent an employee in wage and hour claims, in discrimination, in wrongful termination and different aspects. Whether, even combinations. I’ve done that.

The skills that I have on the employee side, representing the employees, isn’t much different than what I apply to my representation of employers in those same types of cases. I’m able to see a case from both sides. And the law is the law and it’s pretty easy to apply it, especially in California, in the labor industry. It’s pretty set out what’s right, and what’s wrong.

I feel that my representation of employees has helped me become a better lawyer in my representation of employers. And I think vice versa. It’s helped me become a better lawyer for the employee in any of the cases that they have against their employers.

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