Meet the Commercial Litigators Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Meet Bryan S. Doss

This brief video features business transactions attorney Bryan S. Doss as he talks about his practice and what it’s like to work with him.

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I try to get the best results I can for my clients, whether it’s resolving it in mediation, before mediation, at arbitration. I have won cases for them on Summary Judgment Motion at trial. It’s about just giving the best that I can every time I go out. That’s what drives me.

The advice I give to my clients a lot is you can’t stop somebody from suing you but what you can do is prepare yourself so that, in the event that you do get sued, that you’re in a great position to defend the case.

A lot of the times my clients will be like, “Why is this person suing me?” Well, that’s just the way that the law works is somebody can sue you. Your job is just to present the facts and to defend anything you have, whether it’s maintaining all your documents, all the evidence that you have, papering your files with employees. All of that helps later down a case, whether you can get it resolved in the very outset or you can win a trial. That’s what I tell my clients.

I’ve been practicing for nearly 15 years now. I started off my practice in the area of construction law, and that comes from my background when I used to work with my dad. My dad still does construction. He’s been doing construction for 50 years. And I used to help him out a lot. And with that knowledge, I know what some construction work companies go through.

And then I was a manager at Costco for seven years. And during that, I was able to gain the food experience that I’ve been able to transfer to some of my food clients. My practice as just being a lawyer helped me to identify some areas that I see some needs in California, which include the Worker’s Compensation Insurance Bad Faith. And that relates to what do small employers and employers in the State of California need? And this is something that needs to be addressed for many of them because it is a large cost for all of them.

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