Interstate Divorce Attorney in Lake Success, New York

Discuss one of your divorce case successes in interstate or jurisdictional issues

Nassau county family law attorney, Barton Resnicoff, reflects on how he handles different jurisdiction in a divorce involving two states.

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Well, it’s not so much a divorce case, but a case involving issues that also get involved in divorce, which is custody and support, where my client lived I believe in Indiana. The mother, after the child was conceived and by the time she gave birth, moved back to New York where her family lived, and my client retained me initially to get access to the child, parenting time, and the mother turned around and wanted support here in New York. While custody had to be dealt with in New York, custody and visitation issues had to be dealt with in New York because that’s where the child was and that’s where the issues concerning the child were and that was the home state of the child, we were able to get the issue of support in New York dismissed and it was referred back to Indiana, where my client could litigate more comfortably and get a better emancipation date because there was no connection between my client and the state of New York on issues of support.

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