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Can I get a different judge in my case?

Nassau county family law attorney, Barton Resnicoff, explains how to get a different judge in a child custody case.

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Usually, you don’t get a different judge in a case because once a judge is assigned to the case, that judge remains unless there are specific reasons for that judge to be recused. I’ve had cases where a new attorney was substituted in who had a personal relationship with the judge. In fact, I had one case where I was substituted in, and it just so happens the judge had worked for my office as an associate for about seven years. The judge had to recuse herself even though there was nothing of substance going on at the time. So that’s one reason. Another reason is if you can prove that the judge is prejudiced against you, but that’s one of those that if you raise the issue and if you don’t win, you are really in trouble.

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