International Divorce Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jurisdictional Divorce Considerations

Minneapolis, Minnesota family law attorney Marc Johannsen explains what you need to know when getting divorced in either Minnesota or Wisconsin.

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Well, first of all, because of the United States being 50 unique states, you cannot simply move from state to state forgetting a divorce. You have to live in a state for a minimum amount of time. In the case of Minnesota and in Wisconsin you have to be a resident of the state for at least 180 days, or six months, before starting a divorce proceeding. Now, if you live in Minnesota and had been here for more than six months and your spouse lives in Wisconsin and had been there for more than six months, either one of you could start a divorce proceeding in each of those states. Typically, you would want to analyze which state would be more favorable for your position, if you have a choice, and start the divorce in that state.

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