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About Practice Group at Lommen Abdo

Minnesota family law attorney, Marc Johannsen, discusses the family law practice group at Lommen Abdo.

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First of all, we are a collaborative practice. And as you may or may not know, family touches on almost every aspect of the law at some point of other. So, we have experts in each of the areas where family law is involved. For instance, real property, business, corporations, areas related to interpersonal relationships, there are personal injury aspects, and all manner of different areas of the law come up within the context. So, we have pretty much an entire staff, both here and Wisconsin, that can assist and come in on specific aspects of family law. But my specific team at this point, we have four attorneys and two paralegals that are actively involved in family law and we have the staffing level sufficient to go from the very simplest cases all the way to very complicated legal matters with multimillion dollar estates.

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