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Impact of Parenting Time

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Well, Minnesota is actually following the lead that Wisconsin has done for a number for years, and I’ve been licensed in Wisconsin since 1997 and they’ve followed a similar type statute, which created a presumption that the court should maximize the amount of time that the child spends with both parents. And in my experience, it has promoted less litigation and less conflict over the issue of custody and focused more on what type of a schedule makes the most sense for the child. It eliminated the idea of ownership of a child to a great extent and started to see the child as an individual that deserved to be loved, nurtured, and cared for by both of their parents. So, it will impact in the Minnesota cases probably having a significantly less acrimonious experience in the divorce system with regard to custody, getting more predictability and probably an earlier result than might have been the case before, and probably will stop destroying working relationships that many contentious divorce cases have engendered in the past.

Minneapolis, Minnesota family law attorney Marc Johannsen discusses parenting time in Minnesota family law.

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