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Importance of Lawyer if Insurance Company Offered to Settle Your Case

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The reason an individual requires an attorney after a motor vehicle crash is because the insurance industry exploits a knowledge gap. The insurance industry assumes, correctly in most cases, that an individual has not made numerous claims for injuries after a crash has happened. And oftentimes, they will make very minor or low-value settlement offers, offers that are well below the value of the case itself, immediately after a crash has happened in order to try and get the individual to sign away their rights without properly having them assessed. 

Moreover, oftentimes after a crash, there’s simply a lack of knowledge on all sides as to what the actual value of that claim is. Because the value of a claim may not be fully known until that individual has undergone weeks, months, or frankly, even years of medical treatment related to that crash. And the insurance industry is designed to take advantage of that gap.

So an individual who’s receiving an offer from an insurance company, particularly one immediately following a motor vehicle crash, should be highly skeptical of what is being offered and the motivations for that offer being made.

St. Paul personal injury attorney Marcus Gatto talks about why you should still get a lawyer even when the insurance company has offered to settle.

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