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Memorable Drug Offense Case

Minneapolis criminal defense attorney Bruce Rivers discusses memorable drug offense cases.

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Well, I had a murder three case down in Carver County. And my client was charged with giving his girlfriend some of his methadone. And it was kind of an interesting case because it’s a defense to murder three if the two of you acquire the drugs together. And I kept telling the prosecutor over and over again, “You’re gonna lose on this count.” And we went through the whole trial, and my client was actually a pretty good witness. And we were able to demonstrate that they acquired the drugs together, and he was acquitted of all charges. So, that’s the most recent one that comes to mind.

But most of the time – I’ll give you one more. Some of the times, it’s not just about whether you win or lose a case, ‘cause sometimes you can’t win the case. But recently, I was in Ramsey County on a first degree drug case. My client was a single mom who was going through a divorce and having a lot of personal turmoil, and got hooked in the wrong crowd. And she wound up getting charged with first degree – a drug charge that was really in large measure a product of the government, because she was set up.

And – but we got her into treatment. We got her doing all the right things. She set up a Christian women’s group, and she did all kinds of positive things. And at the end of the day, she was looking at 86 months in prison. I got it reduced down to 42 – or, 41 months in prison. And then, with the ability to argue for a lesser sentence.

And on that case, my client walked away with 500 hours of community service and a $100.00 fine. And we were able to keep her out of prison and keep her life intact. And so sometimes when you can’t win a case, that’s what you try to do; just keep your client’s life intact.

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