Sex Crimes Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mitigating Damage to Client in Sex Crime Defense

Minneapolis criminal defense attorney Bruce Rivers considers ways that criminal defense attorneys can help defend a sex crime charge.

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Like I said with the drug cases, where you can’t win the case, and it appears from the facts that you know, if we go to trial, you’re really risking more than if you were to plead – in those kinds of cases the first thing I do is I get my client into treatment, and have him get a psychosexual evaluation, get him into treatment, and try to stretch the case out as long as possible so I can show the judge that my client’s amenable to probation. ‘Cause on a crim sex one they’re looking at a mandatory minimum of 144 months. That’s without any points at all. That’s 12 years. So, if you go to trial you gotta be darn sure you’ve got a good case. Otherwise – and sometimes you don’t have any choice but to go to trial, but in most cases where it looks like it’s gonna be like you can’t win, you clean your client up the best you can.

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