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The Case of the Phony Customer: Tell us about a memorable intellectual property case you handled.

Los Angeles, CA commercial litigation attorney David Ribakoff talks about a memorable intellectual property case he handled.

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A memorable IP case that I handled was a trial that was in Orange County Superior Court. I represented a defense contractor that designed and sold circuit boards to the Navy. The Navy used those circuit boards to help launch missiles from ships. My client created a very unique technology that was able to bridge older ships into the modern era of newer ships, and the circuit board that he created helped them do that.

This competitor, rather than starting from scratch, decided he was going to acquire one of my client’s circuit boards by pretending to be a customer from the Navy, and he was able to do that and get one of the circuit boards and copy it. And the incredible thing was he actually accused my client of violating his intellectual property rights and sort of took the position that he should be considered the plaintiff in the case.

I had unique challenges in that case, for one, because my client was a Muslim defense contractor and we tried this case in Orange County and one of the very unique challenges of the case was screening the jury to make sure that there were no biases amongst the jurors. And to the jurors’ c

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