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Memorable Appellate Case: Is there an appellate case you handled that stands out as particularly memorable?

Los Angeles, CA commercial litigation attorney David Ribakoff talks about a particularly memorable appellate case.

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There are several appellate cases that stand out that are memorable to me. The one that comes to mind initially is getting the court of appeal to reverse the trial court’s ruling against my client. I was the appellant in that case. And the case involved my client’s effort to compel arbitration. There was a peculiar issue in the case because my client wasn’t a signatory to the contract but yet was seeking to compel the other side to arbitration because that side was a signatory to the contract. The trial court ruled against us but I was able to convince the court of appeal to rule in our favor and then the case came back and we wound up going to arbitration. So I found that particularly satisfying.

And then also in another instance, I successfully tried a case before a jury. We were the plaintiff in the case. It was an intellectual property case involving a defense contractor. It was very hotly contested. We won at trial and then on appeal, the other side appealed, of course, we were able to get the court of appeal to affirm the judgment. And so I found that very satisfying as well.

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