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Business Litigation: What sorts of business disputes do you typically handle?

Los Angeles, CA commercial litigation attorney David Ribakoff talks about the kinds of business disputes he typically handles.

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The source of business disputes that I typically handle are legal malpractice cases. Those have been sort of the larger cases in my practice. Usually that involves something that went wrong in the underlying representation of the client. It could involve a litigation matter where the lawyer or the law firm did something wrong during the course of that litigation that the client believes was malpractice, or it could involve a business transaction that went wrong for whatever reason that may have involved malpractice. And I’ve had cases along both of those lines.

Another part of my practice involves business disputes including contract related claims, two parties to a contract that are at odds with one another, with an allegation maybe of breach or fraud. I could also handle intellectual property disputes where I mentioned that one trial, where there was a theft of intellectual property and we were able to enforce my client’s rights – intellectual property rights. Those are sort of the big subject matters that I handle.

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