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Battle of the In-Laws

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We represent a number over the years of large, closely held businesses where at one point, they were successful businesses where the relatives got along. In this case, we represented a business that had been founded by brothers. And one of the brothers died and our client was the sister-in-law. The brother-in-law in this very complicated real estate business decided he would cease control of the family business and overcharge and cheat his sister-in-law.

And we came up with a strategy to get the sister-in-law made whole by tens of millions of dollars after years of trial. We were on trial in that case for two years and we worked with forensic accountants and tax accountants and were able to show that there was a substantial amount of theft, in effect by the sister-in-law with ghost payrollers and other techniques that the brother-in-law was using to siphon off money from his sister-in-law.

Chicago, IL commercial litigation attorney Peter S. Lubin talks about a memorable case involving a dispute in a family-held business.

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