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Executive Wins Case Against Motorola

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Well, we represent the employees and the employers in covenant not to compete cases. We represented one of the highest level executives at Motorola who left Motorola to go to a competitor. After Motorola lost one of their biggest customers, he got a send off from the chairman of the board saying it’s fine, go to work for any competitor you want to, we’ve lost this business, we can’t get it back. And his immediate superior told him go take a new job. As soon as he took the new job, Motorola decided to sue him and put it up in the newspapers that they were suing him to make it so that other employees wouldn’t jump ship as well.

Our strategy revolved around saying we were going to depose the CEO of Motorola because he had told him he could go on his merry way. Once the judge ordered the CEO to be deposed, Motorola settled the case on terms that we had originally offered to settle before the case even started. And the client was very happy and was delighted to be able to go on to his new employer without facing very substantial and expensive litigation.

Chicago, IL commercial litigation attorney Peter S. Lubin talks about a memorable covenant not to compete case.

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