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What Makes Tilton & Dunn Different?

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We are sometimes in the category of what people call boutique law firms, which means you’re small, and the list of what you don’t do is bigger than the list of what you do.

Your representation is only gonna be as good as the people who are on it, and we have the advantage that 100 percent of the people in this firm are seasoned and are quality people. Not necessarily true in a big firm. In a big firm, sometimes the work gets cascaded down to people who don’t ever know your name. At Tilton & Dunn, everybody knows your name. Everybody is aware of your case, and we put heart and soul into our clients’ cases.

And so there are a lotta good lawyers in Minnesota and I don’t wanna say I’m the only good one, but I do think that if people come to my firm, they are gonna get superlative representation that will be no worse than any place else, and far superlative, I believe, to many other places. We have made millions of dollars, not just for our clients, but for ourselves on cases that other firms have turned down, and it’s because I think we have a unique way of looking at things and we have been willing to take on representation of cases of people – with people that were otherwise considered themselves unpopular or – like Lee. Like, Lee is sort of a nice woman from the rural South who is suing a well-respected surgeon whose haughty attitude is, “Who are you to criticize me?” And we took her case. Her case had been turned down by three or four other firms before we took it on, and so why – we do great work. We pick and choose our cases.

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Tilton discusses how his law firm is unique amongst personal injury firms.

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