Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney in St Paul, Minnesota

Receiving Phone Solicitations While Looking for an Attorney

Saint Paul railroad employee injury attorney William Jungbauer discusses the negatives of phone solicitation.

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One of the things that happens when someone’s injured is they may get a lot of phone calls from lawyers or from other folks. Do your own research. It’s so easy to do it on the internet now to find out what people do or don’t do. Don’t choose a lawyer just because a lawyer says I got $8 zillion for this person. Find out what their skills are in handling cases like yours. That’s important. And looking at specific cases to see if a lawyer’s been able to handle a tough case and win the tough case is really important to know. Because if someone’s representing a person that’s lost two legs and an arm those are interesting damages any lawyer can get big damages on that if the liabilities there. But if you take a tough case because the reason most people need lawyers is facts are never black and white there’s always some gray area to them and you need to be able to prove your point to protect your job and your future.

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