Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney in Chicago, Illinois

My insurance company has offered to settle my case. Why do I need a lawyer?

Chicago, IL Personal Injury Attorney Mark P. Loftus talks about why one should get a lawyer even if your insurance company has offered to settle the case.

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Well, insurance companies are typically acting on behalf of insurance companies. So, when they tell you that they wanna take a statement or that they’re gonna treat you fairly, they are concerned about their best interests and their bottom line. They’re not particularly concerned about the person who’s hurt.

So, I always tell folks that the insurance company is interested in a very bottom line approach to the case where they’re gonna try and effectuate a settlement that benefits the insurance company and certainly not the injured person and that a component lawyer will have a much, much better understanding of the value of the case and the appropriate amount of money that should be paid.

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