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What types of malpractice do you see committed by dentists?

Chicago, IL Personal Injury Attorney Mark P. Loftus talks about the types of malpractice he usually sees committed by dentists.

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I see a lot of implant issues where doctors – for example, one of the first settlements I successfully orchestrated was a doctor who had put a series of implants directly into a nerve in the patient’s mouth that ran along the jawline here. As a result the patient had significant numbness along the lower portion of his jaw and that really impacted the way he ate, the way he talked, that sort of thing. I see a lot of those types of cases.

Additionally, I see a lot of cases where the dentists have done restorative work, fillings, crowns, that sort of thing where they either don’t properly address the underlying work that’s there or they poorly prepare the work that goes in and as a result the patients have significant pain, they have difficulty chewing, they have difficulty talking, and often significant expensive dental work, restorative work, has to be redone in a short period of time. I see lots of those types of cases as well.

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