High Net Worth Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles, California

What is your approach to handling high net-worth divorce cases?

Los Angeles, CA family law attorney Marc Garelick discusses his approach to handling high net-worth divorce cases.

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my approach to handling high net divorce


is really twofold not every high net

divorce case is or needs

litigation you can have a

state that’s worth 100 million dollars

but has straightforward assets that are

easily dividable and not necessarily

something that someone will fight over

you can have a smaller estate

that has very complex assets

and is not easy to

understand or deal with that needs more

time to take by the experts and by the

parties in order to figure out what to

do with it so the first approach is

really to define what this height this

high net worth estate is and what assets

it’s holding are they simple are they

complex are they something that we can

deal with directly or determine cash

flow from is it just a w-2 wage earner

is someone a partner in a business that

has 50 other partners or is it just two

other partners and then once we’re able

to determine that we then

create a strategy of how we’re going to

deal with the case what experts are we

going to hire what discovery is needed

uh what methods of discovery are we

going to be taking the depositions of

the person’s most knowledgeable in the

business are we going to be taking the

depositions of business partners of key


of the parties themselves and then what

documents do we need from that business

so that we understand and can give our

clients advice as to what a reasonable

settlement would look like or what a

judge or court would do in that


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