Meet the Family Law Attorneys Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Meet Marc Garelick

Los Angeles, CA family law attorney Marc Garelick shares his background & experience and how it has prepared him for his current practice.

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my background

and really family law in general

started an undergraduate for me i went

to uc irvine and i was a psychology

major i spent a lot of time dealing with

personality disorders and other mental

health disorders

in my undergraduate career

eventually i went to

law school


thought that i was going to be a tax

attorney i come from a family of cpas


tax lawyers so i took every single tax

class imaginable in


law school and i happened to take one

elective that was family law

it was taught by two very well-known

judges in los angeles uh and it really

turned me on into what the

industry was uh in family law those two

professors actually convinced me to work

with this firm that i’m at now

and clerk for them in law school so i

have been


practicing or working in a family law

firm since 2007 exclusively i’ve done no

other area of law

and nor could i see myself practicing

other area of law i really have

excelled in


litigation component of it

and put on hundreds of trials at this

point hundreds of evidentiary hearings i

have argued motions

on a regular basis

i have done every discovery tactic

multiple times including taking

depositions of parties of witnesses of

whatever it might be

and then i have also


active within the family law community

in orange county where i practice so i

have sat in the orange county bar

association’s family law section

executive committee now in my third year

i have put on multiple seminars

specifically dealing with

the more complex issues related to

family law through other lawyers i have

helped design other presentations

i have worked with

many experts and professionals including

forensic accountants valuation experts

mental health professionals

and mental health professionals include

anything from therapists to custody

evaluators to social workers to

reunification therapists

any type of therapy or issue where

mental health is involved in family law

i have generally have experience working

with those individuals

and have worked with them in various

capacities what all of that experience

gives me is the ability to know for

every single case what professionals i

need and specifically who those

professionals are as well as what my

team needs to be to put on the best case

for you so if that means that i need to

hire the best forensic accounting firm

that is in california or if that needs

that means i need to find a list of four

or five

mental health professionals who are

going to act or could act as custody

evaluators or if it means that i’m

looking for the best uh therapist that

is needed to either counsel your

children or counsel you or help you

through your action i have experience

dealing with all of them

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