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Communicating Estate Plan with Heirs

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One issue is fiduciary representation who are you going to appoint to handle your affairs in various capacities. For instance, who’s going to settle the estate, who’s going to handle your medical care decisions if you’re unable to, who’s going to pay your bills if you’re in an accident or ill? So if those are family members it’s very important that they understand what role they might have and when they’re gonna step in.

Communication with respect to how the estates going to be distributed, the timing of that, what’s gonna be passed on is very important so there aren’t any surprises down the road. That is not always appropriate when you have younger children but certainly, when you have adult children it’s very important to make sure that there’s a general understand of what’s there.

The only time people are less likely to communicate, their wishes would be if their situation is more fluid and they don’t want to communicate something and have an understanding out there or maybe someone expects something that might change. But I would say more often than not, communicating the ultimate plan is very important.

Eden Prairie, MN Estate Planning Attorney David Ness gives advice on how to talk to other family members about an estate plan.

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