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What Sets the Trusts and Estate Group Apart?

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I think our group is unique in a few different aspects. One, our fees are very reasonable. We have taken an approach where we offer a flat fee schedule for the core estate planning documents and what that does is it gives an individual an expectation of what the cost will be rather than be surprised by a bill later on.

Our group is very experienced and when you’re experienced, you know how to handle the planning efficiently. So we’re very good at once we have all the information to get drafts to clients within a week or two and to get the planning done within a month or two rather than the six months, nine months, or even a year that you might see at other firms.

And then, we’re also very good with follow up. It’s extremely important that all the Is are dotted and Ts are crossed to make sure that the assets of the estate are properly tailored to the planning documents that we prepare and execute. So the follow up both with our attorneys and with our administration staff is very important and I think we do a really good job at that.

Eden Prairie, MN Estate Planning Attorney David Ness talks about what separates his firm from other firms in the area.

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