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What Can Go Wrong with Online Estate Plans?

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Yeah, whether it’s software or whether it’s someone just finding a form the biggest issue we see, frankly, is the client never understands or the individual never understands whether it was done properly. They always have this question in their back of their head was it executed properly, was the form a proper form and updated to the law? So a lot of times, people will do it on their own and they’ll still end up coming to us to review it. And sometimes the work that they’ve done is okay and many times, it’s basically starting over. But generally, it’s the uncertainty of whether they actually handled the work the way they should.

And then, finally, it’s not just a form that you put in place it’s how your situation is tailored to that form and how your assets whether it’s change of ownership, change of beneficiaries are reflected relative to the will or trust or whatever planning they have in place. And many times individuals that do it on their own really don’t understand that.

Eden Prairie, MN Estate Planning Attorney David Ness talks about what can possibly go wrong when doing your own estate plan online.

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