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Important Principles in Corporate Training

Minneapolis and St. Cloud employment law attorney Sheila Engelmeier discusses how she teaches corporate workers by having them interact with their colleagues.

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So, I call it a-ha learning. Me, as a lawyer, telling you what you should think doesn’t matter. You interacting in a group with your coworkers and colleagues to learn something that makes sense to you folks is the ticket. So, if I can help you discover an a-ha about an optimal way to communicate, to deal with a disabled employee, to help someone enhance their performance that’s going to make a difference to you because you thought of it. It was your a-ha, and you shared it with your work colleagues, and that’s the second aspect, which is interacting with people that matter. Some trainer who comes in, you know, we’re nice people, we’re hopefully offering some insight, but we don’t really matter? We’re not the folks you work with every day. The folks you work with every day matter. And so, we try to get in there and in an interactive way and just be a little fly on the wall that helps you move through whatever you need to move through to optimize your work situation.

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