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Minneapolis and St. Cloud employment law attorney Sheila Engelmeier discusses how helping employers generate a thriving workplace is her goal with training.

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Well, here’s the deal. I became lawyer because I wanted to help people. Lawsuits really don’t help that much. So, things that help are ways to avoid lawsuits. So, all of our training is a focus on three things: How do you avoid getting in trouble? How do you enhance performance? And how do you increase morale? Those last two are related. So, we help folks with how to avoid harassment and discrimination in the workplace. We help folks with how do you optimally performance manage someone? That includes how do you have clear communication? How do you set expectations in a way that they’re understood? How do you discipline? What are good methods for dealing with difficult employees? And what are effective ways to communicate about reasonable accommodation? Leave, things of that nature.

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