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What are some common misperceptions about DUIs?

Seattle, WA criminal defense lawyer Lucas D. McWethy debunks several common misconceptions about DUIs.

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Some common misperceptions about DUIs are that they’re not a big deal. Here in Washington State they’re kind of considered the highest level of misdemeanor by most prosecutor offices and they’re taken very seriously. One of the misconceptions that come along with that is people believe there’s something called a deferred prosecution, which will just kind of get them out of it, you get one in a lifetime, it’s quick and done. That’s a misconception that I always clarify and typically on a first meeting with a client is that a deferred prosecution is not a get out of jail free card. In Washington state deferred prosecution is where we basically tell the court that I’m an alcoholic and rather than sending me to jail, send me to treatment. Now the truth is it does result in a dismissal at the end but there’s five years of hard work that go into it so it’s a very large decision to make and should be done on the consult of somebody that knows what they’re doing. Whether that be a treatment provider, but more preferably, a skill DUI attorney.

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