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What am I looking at for a first-time DUI in Washington?

Seattle, WA criminal defense lawyer Lucas D. McWethy talks about how Washington treats DUIs and what to expect if you are charged with one.

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So a first time DUI in Washington State aside from the financial penalties that a lot of people look at, you’re looking at few things. One is if you blew over a .08 but under a .15, you’re looking at a mandatory minimum of a day in jail. No matter who you are, the judge can’t sentence you to less than that. And penalties increase if you have minors in your vehicle or other situations. You’re also looking to having to get an alcohol and drug evaluation, comply with any treatment, as well as getting an ignition interlock in your vehicle for the next year. There will also be a 90-day license suspension that comes with that. Now if you blow over a .15 that one day increase to two days and the suspension increases to a year. If you refuse, the suspension increases to two years. So that’s one of the reasons it’s important to have an attorney onboard is there’s a whole diagram for DUI law in terms of what your breath test was, what your history was, and sometimes even what passengers are in your vehicle. So it’s really important to consult with an attorney right away so you can at least know what you’re up against and what the potential penalties are.

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