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This brief introduction video to Ambrose Law Firm shows criminal defense attorney Robert Ambrose discussing the various areas his practice defends in as well as his philosophy as a criminal defense attorney, and the level of service he offers to his clients.

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Ambrose Law Firm is a criminal defense law firm. We do all types of criminal offenses, ranging from minor traffic cases, DWIs, assaults, drug crimes, other violent crimes. We what practice in both state and federal court. 

So Ambrose Law Firm, we really want to have personal service with every client. I think even some reviews out there of me will say that I respond very quickly to people. I think it’s very important that they have their questions answered. If it’s important to them, then I think it’s important to me that I get back to them as soon as I can. 

So I always want to make a situation better for somebody. They come to you because we’re a service profession. And if we don’t make the situation better for them, well, what are we really doing? And I think that’s very important to try and put yourself in their shoes. And they’re coming to you asking for help, and you have to at some point make that situation better for them.

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