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Can you help me get my license back after a DWI arrest?

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So in the routine DWI case where somebody tests .08 or more on the alcohol test, a cop often hands you a notice, an order of license revocation. That’s often accompanied by a seven-day temporary license that allows you to drive for a week. Right now we have 60 days to challenge the license being taken away, from the time the cop hands you that order.

And in some counties, we can get people temporarily reinstated to drive while their case is ongoing. And some other counties that don’t normally do it, sometimes will be agreeable in certain circumstances. But that can allow somebody to get back like they were driving normal before the DWI and see what can happen in their case. 

In the counties that will not do that, you get a hearing within 60 days, to challenge just the license being taken away, to try and take that off their driving regard and get their driving privileges back while their criminal case is pending.

 Robert Ambrose – Woodbury MN criminal defense attorney talks about how he can help someone get a license back after a DWI arrest.

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