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The insurance company is already paying me benefits: Do I still need a lawyer?

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If a workers’ compensation insurance company is paying you benefits, you absolutely should still talk to a lawyer. Again, like I said earlier, every injured worker should meet with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. You may think they’re paying you the right benefits, but often they’re not. They may not be paying you at the right wage, the right rate. They’re not taking things into account like concurrent employment, like overtime, bonuses, seasonal work. There’s a lot of specific laws regarding average _____ wage and the compensation rate. As an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who’s been doing this for a quarter of a century, we can tell you whether or not you’re being paid accurately rather quickly.

Minnesota Workers’ Comp and Social Security Disability attorney, Tom Atkinson, addresses whether or not you should pursue a lawyer if you are receiving benefits from an insurance company for workers’ comp.

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