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Car Accidents: A Case of Hidden Injuries

Seattle, WA personal injury attorney Erica Buckley talks about a memorable car accident case and how she got a favorable outcome for her injured client.

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One of the cases that stands out in my mind is kind of an example of many that I’ve handled where the person who’s injured might not have a ton of damage on the outside of the vehicle. Their vehicle isn’t totaled and it’s still driveable, but for whatever reason, the mechanics of the crash caused their body to just go haywire and they have got injuries that they have never dealt with before. They have got back problems, neck problems. And a lot of these injuries, unfortunately, can be permanent. You know, there’s a lot that a chiropractor can help with or that, you know, maybe physical therapists can help with, but unfortunately, for some of my clients even throughout that course of treatment they don’t end up at 100 percent at the end.

And so one such case involved a lady who experienced an accident where, you know, the other person in the vehicle had a little bit of treatment but was essentially fine, however, she wasn’t. She had to go through injections. She had to go through months and months of treatment. And at the end of the case, we were able to recover a good amount of money for her because she was such an honest and straightforward person that it made it easy to show how huge of an impact this injury had on her life.

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