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Dog Bite Injuries: Pit Bulls on the Loose

Seattle, WA personal injury attorney Erica Buckley talks about a memorable dog bite injury case in which her client was attacked by two pit bulls while on vacation.

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I end up getting a lot of the dog bite cases in the office, the dog cases, so to speak, and the first one of these that I really, you know, had to take all the way through the trial process was one where a mom came to visit her adult child in Seattle. She had come from overseas. It was one of their first or second days of this family visit and she gets approached by two pit bulls that she didn’t know. They run toward her. She ends up getting knocked down, breaks her hip, has to get a hip replacement surgery, and her whole entire one month stay that she was planning on, you know, seeing the sites, going to Disneyland, doing all that fun family activities, was just completely ruined.

A couple of years later we end up going to trial. We are ordered by the judge that we can’t mention the word pit bull even though that’s the type of dogs that they were. We couldn’t even show a picture of the dogs involved because they looked too much like pit bulls, because they were, but ultimately, the jury saw things our way and decided that these two dog owners were responsible, even though they claimed that the dog never physically touched our client. And the jury awarded her a very fair amount in that case.

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