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Torrance, CA personal injury attorney Roger Booth talks about a case involving a horse that ran over a guy’s car and killed him.

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There was a case that we did a number of years ago, a wrongful death case, a gentleman was driving down the road and a horse came running out into the middle of the road, landed on his car, he was killed, and the case took a really interesting path. We believe the horse ran out onto the road because it had been frightened by a tiger, which was roaming through the hills of southern California at the time. The case kind of went off in an unexpected direction where we had to hire a tiger expert to look at some paw prints that we had found in the vicinity of where the accident happened.

We had to trace the path that this tiger had taken roaming through the hills for a couple of weeks and put together a timeline of where the tiger was at different times. And we were able to show, I think, pretty convincingly that the tiger was most likely in that area, there was a paw print on the fence that surrounded the horse corral where this horse had come from. And so, we were able to end up with a very favorable settlement against both the owner of the horse and also the owner of the tiger. So that was kind of an interesting case.

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