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Dangerous Products

Torrance, CA personal injury attorney Roger Booth talks about a case he worked on where defective construction products were being distributed to construction companies.

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We’ve done many, many dangerous products cases. I handled a case recently involving an accident on a construction site where they were using what’s called bracket scaffolding, which is sort of a portable scaffolding system. And it turns out that the company that made this product, this bracket scaffolding basically consisted of two guys working out of their garage and they had no assets, no insurance. What we ended up doing is focusing the case on the distributor, which was a big construction distribution company that sold this product. And the focus of the case became showing, first of all, that it was a defective product, it wasn’t constructed very well. And second of all, that the only way that this product got to the marketplace, got to a large number of customers was through the defendant distributor.

And so, the distributor was really critical in allowing this dangerous product to get to the market. That was a case that was about as hard fought as any case we’ve done. I think there were 60 or 70 depositions that were taken eventually. That case eventually settled for $2.7 million. But again, it was kind of a case that initially looked rather hopeless because of the lack of insurance and just over a long process of kind of digging our heels in and working up the case we were able to turn it into something.

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