Car Accident Cases Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving: Have you handled any cases involving distracted drivers?

Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Thomas Johnston talks about how often distracted drivers are the reason for the car accident cases he sees.

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We see distracted driving on almost every case. And if you start drilling down on why did this happen, I mean really why, why did the crash happen it almost always results in choices or some distraction. Driver’s choosing to be distracted either by their thoughts or of course, you know, their technology. But drivers cannot be along for the ride. They’re the captains of those ships and they have to be ever vigilant to the changing environment in front of them. But I think that with the nice compartments and the music and the phones and the thoughts of daily living and the routine of being able to go from A to B without an event gives a driver a false sense of well-being and it lulls them into complacency. A good drive is vigilant because if they’re not always vigilant then that’s when a wreck happens and that’s when people get killed.

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