Business Litigation Attorney in Oklahoma CIty, Oklahoma

What is the firm’s experience in business litigation?

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I represent a major oil and gas company

one of the largest in the United States

that company has all kinds of litigation

it’s all business related uh whether it

relates to contracts that they’ve

entered into

injuries that have been sustained

Personnel problems and so forth it runs

across the board the Choctaw and

Chickasaw Nations have business entities

they’re involved in all kinds of

businesses they have quick stops some of

them do Department of Defense

Contracting they have multiple casinos

those casinos have

multiple contracts contract issues

Personnel issues so we see about

everything there is to see on the

business side whether it’s through a

tribal owned business entity or other

privately held companies that we


Oklahoma City, OK commercial litigation attorney Michael Burrage discusses the firm’s experience in business litigation.

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