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What are the biggest challenges you face in truck accident cases?

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truck accident guys

how the accident happened is usually the

easiest part of the case in other words

they ran the stop sign

but that’s not the case the case is

you’ve got to get into the bowels of

that Trucking Company what were their

safety programs did they enforce the

safety programs what training did they

give the drivers was the training

continuous or periodical or you know

however it was done but you’ve got to

get into to the bowels as to how that

company operates

so the jury can see

that this wasn’t just somebody running a

stop sign this was a systemic practice

within the company they didn’t care

about safety all they cared about was

the dollars and so you have to get in

and going deeper than what’s the cause

of the accident is and who’s responsible

because it may be there may be other

people responsible besides the trucking

company in connection with a truck case

they may be hauling goods for a company

and that company may have imposed rules

and regulations on the carrier and so

you got to get in and see if they were

complying with those and if they were

not complying with them whoever the

company they were hauling goods for did

not make the trucking company comply

then that’s an additional responsible

party uh in the case so you got to dig

deep into them

Oklahoma City, OK personal injury attorney Michael Burrage talks about the biggest challenges he faces in truck accident cases.

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