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Probably the biggest issue we see in medical malpractice cases is the growing trend of looking towards the facility. Looking to the hospital administration itself, and what have they done, were not done to put patients in harm’s way? Whether it be understaffing, whether it be fixed budgets, whether it be using sub par medical devices, there are a number of ways that the decisions made in the boardroom are affecting every single patient in the hospital.

More and more, we as well as a few of our colleagues throughout the country are spending our time looking at what are those true root causes for what is putting people in harm’s way? Very rarely is it the last doctor who was standing over the patient when something bad happened. It’s often those series of events that almost always lead to the ultimate harm, and which we can hopefully help them fix through our litigation going forward so that others won’t be harmed.

Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer Eric H. Weitz talks about trying to make systemic changes in the healthcare system to create better care with fewer errors.

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