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Brain Injuries / Concussions – Motor Vehicles

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney, Douglas Schmidt talks about the percentage of people involved in motor vehicle accidents that sustain either a concussion or a traumatic brain injury.

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There are major medical studies that say that that number is unknown in the medical literature. It’s unknown how many people suffer a concussion that never even get to a doctor. And many of them get to a doctor that doesn’t even ask them the right questions or do any screening for a concussion. So when our clients come in here that have been in a traumatic brain injury its part, I consider it our duty to screen them for a concussion injury that has been overlooked by the medical community. And we do that and we find that roughly 60 percent of the people that have been in a moderate to server car accident have clear evidence of a concussion injury. My staff is trained to do that screening.

And then it’s our responsibility, our obligation, I think, as a personal injury lawyer to get those people to the proper medical care, the proper healthcare and we do that. Of those 60 percent, we find that perhaps almost 80 percent of those have not previously been diagnosed or even screened for a concussion.

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